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What is PPC School Chair? What is Compact?

What is a laminate board?

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What is a laminate board?

Laminate writing board is produced by using white laminate with writing and erasing feature, which is prepared by pressing overlay papers in thicknesses between 0.50 mm - 1.80 mm, called laminate, in special presses at high pressure and temperature.

Laminate, which is used extensively in the outer coating of wooden furniture in the furniture industry and has antibacterial properties, is produced in 2 different qualities as HPL and CPL. But in our article, we will talk about the blackboard part, namely HPL.

Because the laminate used in the production of blackboards is also called HPL, which is the original name of the laminate. The material we know as laminate is known in the world as HPL. The whiteboard laminate produced in 0.60 mm thickness is produced in white and these whiteboards are used with a white board marker.

Although it is produced in green and black laminates, we do not recommend laminate chalk boards because the pore structure on the surface deforms quickly as a result of using chalk. Because over time, the surface of green and black whiteboards deteriorates and it becomes impossible to write with chalk. At this point, we recommend chalkboards made of steel enamel to those who want to use chalkboards.

So what are the features of the laminate writing board?

Laminate whiteboards are preferred because they are inexpensive. It is not magnetic. You cannot pin a notepad or a map on it. But you can add mapping from aluminum profile to the top of the whiteboards. Ideal for educational institutions with a limited budget. They are generally guaranteed for 2 years and have a lifespan of 5 years. After the 4th year, the blackboard begins to absorb the ink left by the pen and ink stains occur on the board. After a while, the blackboard becomes unusable and needs to be replaced.

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