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What is PPC School Chair? What is Compact?

What is a Smart Board

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What is a Smart Board

By establishing a technical connection between the computer and the digital board, reflecting the information on the screen by simply touching the finger without the need for a pen is the first among the benefits of the smart board. In order to benefit from this device designed for educational institutions at the highest level, it is necessary to learn how to set up and use the device well.

What Does a Smart Board Do?

The smart board provides fast access to information and mirroring it on the screen, just like using a computer. There are different types that work using projection or LED. The LED smart board is more useful than the projection board. There are smart board types that can meet all the needs of teachers and students in their education. While the information is reflected on the board through projection, both the student and the teacher cannot get the desired efficiency from the lesson. For this reason, smart boards with LED screens that work independently from the projection have been produced.

The most preferred type is the devices in which the smart board and the tablet are used simultaneously. The fact that the teacher records the topics he teaches and that the lecture notes can be sent to the student's tablet are the features sought in a smart board. Smart boards are used for many different purposes. However, its main purpose is to improve the quality of education given in schools. By transforming the whiteboard, on which teachers and students write notes with a whiteboard, into a digital screen with a computer and internet connection, whiteboards turn into smart boards.

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